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Early Access will be released on October 11th

Early Access will be released on October 11th

8/30/2022 - Edited at: 10/21/2022

Super People, will remain free to play and its EA (Early Access) version of the game is set to be released on October 11th 2022.

Super People, will host a live stream in less than 24 hours. This post will keep you up to date about their future plans.

What do we know so far

  • They will talk about the (issues from the) Final Beta.
  • They will talk about the Early Access release, that has been planned for Q4 2022.


Confirmed Changes

  • Time to Kill

They've received a lot of feedback during the CBT (Closed Beta Test), that fights were taking too long, and now the opposite during the FB (Final Beta). During the EA release, we can expect a balance between the two.

  • Class Balances

They're going to streamline the available classes even more. Super People said, that they do not want a class to become meta. Our guess is, that we will see some nerfing on the Nuclear Class, and improving the Titan class, so it will be used more.

  • Super Tournaments

Super Tournaments will continue to be held. Though they noticed that only the \"Pros\" were able to get into the finals and want to bring a change to this. This is why they will introduce 2 more leagues. In that way, you will get a higher chance to match up against players that are on your skill level.

They've also announced that you can now partake as a solo in an upcoming duo tournament and as trio in a squad tournament.

Too counter constant defensive gameplay (camping), they will look into receiving probable kill points during the main rounds and final round.

  • In-game shop and currencies

To be clear, Super People will never make the game Pay to Win. Not now, not in the future, ever. Purchasable items in the store are for wearables only and not to gain an advantage towards other players. This means that gold can not be bought from the store, to unlock blueprints, and change your class.

Super People will introduce an unique store. You can purchase in-game currencies with cash (not gold). There will be a list of custumes that you will be able to unlock with this currency. In the shop, there will be a chessboard a-like grid. When clicking on a grid item, you can temporarily unlock this wearable. When you've unlocked the same wearable multiple times, you will have a chance that this wearable becomes permanent.

Customes will be tradable within the game with other players. We can also expect seasonal customes to come to the store, think about Halloween, Easter and maybe even a collaboration with Marvel!

At last, they've talked about weapon skins, but this is yet to be confirmed.

  • New Faces

Shroud and iiTzTimmy faces will be added to the game.

The Demolisher

A new class will be added called \"The Demolisher\", The Demolisher is an offensive character. It can detect enemies nearby - Drive an RC equipped with a bomb - And launch grenades with their Shoulder Grenade Launcher.

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