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Giveaway winners & Final Beta Celebration

Giveaway winners & Final Beta Celebration

9/6/2022 - Edited at: 10/21/2022

Congratulations to the winners of the event and a Final Beta costume to all participants

All partipants will be able to claim a costume (top and pants) as thank you for participating in the Final Beta. You will be able to claim this on October 11th 2022, when the Early Access version is released.

Hashtag event participants will be able to claim their wearables (headgear and parachute) as well on the Early Access release date.

Below are the winners of the giveaway.

GeForce RTX 3090

  • Jake*hach


Logitech Mouse G703

  • slim*cy77
  • Migu*erez
  • 김*규 
  • 이*우 
  • Jesi*alho 
  • stev*loyd 
  • Ghoz*hofa 
  • Tana*rian 
  • Kund*adam 
  • marc*riel 


Super People Hoodie

  • Math*ntos 
  • Terr*ills
  • Sam *tzel
  • Nich*liew
  • garb*unia 
  • Kasp*mann
  • Javi*opez 
  • Some* Das 
  • Komg*porn 
  • Miha*nčec 
  • Rizk*irin 
  • Roob*inen 
  • Rhua*ctor 
  • Josh*berg 
  • 김*한 
  • Moha*idan 
  • Ibra*ifah 
  • Codi*tman 
  • Dieg*acia 
  • Tyle*hrop
  • Shel*quan 
  • Mhd *ssif
  • Davi*ante
  • Chri*rrow 
  • Fran*lien
  • Chri*ngel 
  • Ben *rsen 
  • Curt*Geer 
  • Skyl*hard 
  • Colb*vyer
  • Clay*Bego 
  • Niko*npää
  • Mehm*YDIN 
  • Stev*Dang 
  • D0g*
  • Davi*zera
  • Vale*héry
  • Josh*game 
  • Carl*aião 
  • mast*br89
  • Doug*reyn
  • Edga*telo 
  • c*a; 
  • Tron*n Do
  • nede*mael 
  • Mins* Kim
  • john*rton 
  • Niki*rkov
  • Andy*erry 


Winners will be contacted though their given contact information provided in If you have any questions regarding the event, you should contact the support team in Discord. Click here if you have not joined their server yet.

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