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Oceanic Servers not coming at the start of Early Access

Oceanic Servers not coming at the start of Early Access

9/16/2022 - Edited at: 10/21/2022

No Oceanic servers at the start of the Early Access release of Super People.

It has been officially announced by GeeGee, Super People, that there will be no OCE servers when the Early Access version is released. This is due the less amount of players from that specific region.

Super People, wants to create a steady player base first, before dividing the players in more servers (regions). So, this doesn't mean that there will never be OCE servers, but just not at this moment.

If you are living in the OCE region, this will be your moment to promote your game to your friends and family. By doing so, GeeGee will be able to see that there is more traffic comining from OCE and might reconsider their thoughts of having OCE servers.

Are you looking for someone to play with for that region? Feel free to check out the OCE LFG community by clicking here.

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