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Qrew - Super People Stream Partners

Qrew - Super People Stream Partners

9/2/2022 - Edited at: 10/21/2022

We are looking for enthusiastic streamers, that would like to stream for the Qrew

The Qrew is the main community behind our Super People Looking for Group website and Discord server. The Qrew is an online community where you can find other players to play with or to just have a chat. It is a healthy and familiy friendly community.

We are looking for Twitch streamers, that would like to partner up with us and help each other grow.

What we can offer you;

  • Promotion on our homepage
  • Promotion on our Streamers page
  • Highlighted role on our Discord server when you are live streaming
  • Exclusive voice channel for when you are live streaming


What we ask in return;

  • Join our Twitch team
  • Use our small banner with our Discord invite link in your overlay
  • Have a small section about our community in your about section


We do NOT ask from you;

  • To stream a X amount of hours a week
  • To only stream Super People



  • Have at least 100 followers
  • Have a healthy and family friendly stream
  • Be in our Discord server
  • Stream on Twitch*


If you are interested, please join our Discord server and contact @ExQlusiv3#1337



*Due to our current automation system, YouTube or other platforms are not supported.

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superpeoplelfg is part of the community called Qrew. The Qrew is an online gaming community where friends & family get together.

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